What I’m working on—January 2022

                It’s a New Year, which means it’s some spring cleaning of my bits boxes and also now the blog, so I thought I’d put together a little collection of what Warhammer related stuff I’ve been working on and what you can expect from my person Hobby this year!

                First of all, I’d like to thank you all for 8,000 Instagram followers! My recent posts have been getting a lot of warm attention, and it’s lovely to see. As I branched out more into 40k, I expected some new attention, but not this much. Hope I do the new Heresy and 40k crowd proud as the year continues!

                Recently, as you may have seen on my social media, I’ve been converting a number of Sisters of Silence. As I predicted in my November post, what started as a Kill Team project for Heresy28 is expanding to a small army—a *small* army, but an army all the same. I’ve currently got eight of these painted, five with bolters, forming a unit, and three with swords, awaiting another two to form a unit. The new Custodes codex is pretty exciting as it lets you have Sisters of Silence characters, so I can convert a couple up to use in both 40k and Heresy, which is my next port of call once I’ve finished the units.

                In addition, I’m thinking of going all in on a Kharon tank from Forge World for the Sisters. I’ve loved this model since its release, and now I finally have a reason to get one! Problem is, it doesn’t have 40k rules unlike the Custodes Heresy tanks, so might just have to use it as a Rhino or Callidus, despite it being a bit large. TLDR; lots going on for the army, including some Custodes I’ve got to paint. Here’s some pics of the force so far:


                Alongside my own efforts, I thought it would be apt to showcase the amazing work made by my Heresy28 comrades for their own Kill Teams:

Blackshield WiP by @k0rdhal

Blackshield WiP by @k0rdhal

Dark Angel WiP by @count.hodo

Dark Angel WiP by @count.hodo

Traitor Auxilia by @lunax7070

Iron Hands Marine by @lunax7070

        Inspiring, huh?

                To go with my Sisters, and to aid my photography of the project, I’ve also put together a little diorama base using a wooden plinth I found in a charity shop and Abbadon vs Loken’s diorama base. I've finished painting this by the time you’re reading this, but hopefully it’ll allow me to make some more varied and visually interesting posts. I’ve always been inspired by the little mockups at the bottom of the Heresy Black Books which showcase the miniatures superimposed against realistic environments, so maybe this will allow me to do something similar down the line. @Symplemetals over on Twitter was super helpful in illustrating how they put together their diorama backdrops, so cheers to them for the inspiration! Also, @pastor_llevac has been blowing it out of the water recently with their photography, which has only motivated me to up my game!               

                Finally, as I mentioned earlier, I’ve been looking more into storage solutions for my bits. The blessing/ curse of converting basically every model is you end up with a lot left behind, which can be unwieldly to own, let alone sort through. So I’ve devised a new system: leftover bits are categorised into small plastic trays, held together in a linen folder, sorted into weapons, heads etc. Meanwhile, I’ve put sprues containing large parts or full models into two cotton drawers, one for 40k, the other for AoS, which disappear neatly into these shelves. Thought this might be a bit of inspiration for those of you struggling to contain your plastic.

                I hope you all are having a good 2022 so far—I’ll update the blog as progress continues on my Warhams work! Thanks for reading!


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