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How to Paint Warhammer Skin in the Grimdark Style (Step by Step)

I thought at long last, I’d put together a highly requested tutorial: how I paint the skin of my models. As you can see from the above examples which follow these steps, the results of my painting often result in desaturated, sickly pale tones, which are perfect for Nurgle, Deepkin, or any models under the Grimdark umbrella. This style has evolved from its first iteration in around 2019, though I’ve incorporated my newly learnt skills since then, and more colours, which are included in this tutorial! For the example below, I’m going to be using my converted Escher Champion which I have primed with Games Workshops Mechanicus Standard Grey Spray:                       I like to leave my models anywhere between six and twenty-four hours after priming before painting; this allows the primer to fully set and for me to check it over in different natural lights. Once this is done, I undercoated the skin in Games Workshop’s Rakarth Flesh paint with a Size 1 brush. I applied this coat in

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