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Jenetia Krole, the Soulless Queen

  'Am I a myth too? Surely no one will write mine if I am. I have no one to tell who will listen.' -Dan Abnett, Saturnine              We will, Jenetia!               If you've been following any of my social medias, you might have noticed that the last few months have been a non-stop production line of Sisters of Silence. These started as a Kill Team but have predictably blossomed into an army fit for the new edition of the Horus Heresy. In many ways, the Sisters have been a perfect army for me; I love their models, their lore and their playstyle. So, after converting/ building 5 units of Sisters and 2 Kharon Acquisitors, I thought it was finally time to paint the leader of the force, Jenetia Krole.             Jenetia is, perhaps suprisingly, not all that discussed in the background material, despite having been a character in the Heresy since the card game and being one of the Emperor's right hands. She is a secretive character, however, and as a null, is easy to mis

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