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Sepulchre of S=I=N: The Planets

  Welcome to the Sepulchre of S=I=N A new 40k project I'm writing and undertaking (with the Baraqu group) with a focus on Inq28 action and storytelling. To get you eased into the setting, here are the locations of the  Sepulchre of S=I=N and a short story detailing the opening events. In addition, check out some WIP photos from the group of their warbands in the gallery at the end of the article. Name: Iners-da Classification: Imperial Mining World Type:   Ice Giant Large moons: 2 Total Moons: 19 1 Planetary Ring: Narrow, near invisible, and made primarily of dust and rock. Size: 7x Terra Radius: 27,711 miles/ 44,597 KM Gravity: 264 x Terran Standard Temperature Range: Low: -198C High: -58C Water Prevalence: N/A Surface Life: Impossible. No solid surface. Ultra-high pressure. Extreme temperatures. Length of Day: 5 hours Length of Year: 70 Terran Standard Years Seasonal Variations: Temperatures vary only slightly based on the position of the planet over

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