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Grimdark Basing Tutorial: Building Bases (ft. Print Hub 3D)

Hi everyone! I've got lots of requests and comments surrounding my bases and how I construct them for my miniatures, so I thought I'd put together a step-by-step guide of how I make them. Print Hub 3d  were kind enough to send me some parts from Epic Basing, Sacrumundus and Bestiarium for me to help populate these bases too, so check them out to get any of your basing materials printed that you may need. To start, I like to gather all my materials; here we have: my box of rubble (which includes sand, thicker grit, bricks for model trains and debris from actual bricks); some flat terrain parts (in this case, a Skyshield landing pad, though textured plasticard or Necromunda flooring would suffice); Citadel skulls, other assorted terrain parts (in this case, what was printed for me by Print Hub 3D); and finally, some placticard tubes and bits of rebar. For this tutorial, I'll be using some converted Ophydian Destroyers from the GW Necron range. I chose these models due to thei

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