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Path to Glory Campaign Part II: Heroes, Rules & Maps

                Welcome to the second instalment in the Path to Glory series documenting Laura and I’s Khorne vs Tzeentch campaign. We’re still building the models for our starting warband, but our lore and rules are starting to shape up, so I thought we should start taking a look at our warbands’ respective leaders, their backstory and rules—as well as a map documenting the ground over which our characters are fighting.                 We’re planning to use the Age of Sigmar: Skirmish rules from White Dwarf January 2019 for our games, using the official warscrolls for the models in our warbands. For our leaders, however, who will be changing and evolving throughout the campaign (unless they turn into spawn), we decided to use the Chaos Anvil of Apotheosis from White Dwarf 463 to create bespoke (and unofficial) rules for our leaders. I used the Runebrush Warscroll Maker ( ) combined with my notes to make some Warscrolls for our units based off

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