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Cities of Sigmar Lore: Sanctioned Wizards and Witches

Next up in my series of articles on Vasarian life in Age of Sigmar, I'll be taking a look at the Sanctioned Wizards and Witches of the city--noble magic users who keep the erratic magical energy of the local area in check.
The city of Vasaria is built closer to the edge of the Eightpoints realm than the centre, meaning that magical energy there is very potent. As such, over the years, many have come to harness and use that magic--some by choice and others through affliction, curse, or by simply being born. These unsanctioned wizards and witches were a danger to the establishment of the city, often lowborn and using their magic to provide for their kin without the need for the Queen or the Arch Bishop or the other figureheads of the church. With the arrival of a Stormcast Eternal, there has been a quelling of these unsanctioned magic users, and those who still dabble in sorcery do so under strict scrutiny, individuals of which we will look at below:Eleanor the Transgressor:

Eleanor …

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