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The Future of Cities of Sigmar & Dawnbringer Crusades (speculation, faction review and conversion ideas)

                 Cities of Sigmar is my favourite Battletome/ set of rules for Games Workshop, and many agree; they have a great range of warscrolls and subfactions, are ripe for conversions (basically begging you to kitbash every unit from scratch) and they have some interesting lore which sets them up as the human baseline in the setting which all the big gods and monsters are contrasted against, something which was sorely missed in the first edition or so of the game.                 There were no actual new models created for the Cities of Sigmar release; the battletome was a combination of all the surviving “order” units from Warhammer Fantasy, such as the Dark Elves, Empire etc. This was a great opportunity for veterans to jump back in with their older forces, but it meant that the faction of humans—the most important faction in a fantasy setting IMO—had no models to distinguish themselves in the new Mortal Realms setting.                 This was a great time to kitbash them

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