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Artist Interview: Thomas of Welcome_to_Innswich

Hi everyone, and welcome back! I don’t know if you’ve been caught up with the Death by Wickerman competition (spearheaded by @wicker_man_miniatures and @deathbymini), but one of the entries which blew me away the most was that of Thomas or @welcome_to_innswich ‘s work, depicting a moody, Lovecraftian seaside town. Inspired by their work, I reached out for an interview detailing their inspirations and processes, which you can find below, accompanied with some of their select work!   How did you get into miniature painting & what was the first miniature you painted?   My dad collects. Some of my earliest memories are of sitting with him and painting. I was very young, so it’s hard to be specific, but one of the first miniatures I painted was certainly a metal Citadel River Troll. It had this grotesque expression and was lifting a spiked club above its head with both hands. I loved those miniatures; they were so characterful and they sent my imagination into overdrive. Wheneve

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