Path to Glory Campaign Part II: Heroes, Rules & Maps

                Welcome to the second instalment in the Path to Glory series documenting Laura and I’s Khorne vs Tzeentch campaign. We’re still building the models for our starting warband, but our lore and rules are starting to shape up, so I thought we should start taking a look at our warbands’ respective leaders, their backstory and rules—as well as a map documenting the ground over which our characters are fighting.

                We’re planning to use the Age of Sigmar: Skirmish rules from White Dwarf January 2019 for our games, using the official warscrolls for the models in our warbands. For our leaders, however, who will be changing and evolving throughout the campaign (unless they turn into spawn), we decided to use the Chaos Anvil of Apotheosis from White Dwarf 463 to create bespoke (and unofficial) rules for our leaders. I used the Runebrush Warscroll Maker ( combined with my notes to make some Warscrolls for our units based off these rules—which I’m sure we’ll edit as our champions fall or rise in battle.

                So, with my rambling out the way, here’s our champions:


Anskhellia the Anointed

                Anskhellia Kurgass of Shyish was married off by her father to the small Sigmarite city of Irelorth, to the Prince Hilver. Hilver was a cruel lord, however, and his edicts bound the entire city, including the beauty, Anskhellia. Hilver quickly grew jealous of the attention she received from the realm’s suitors and, in a fit of rage, sealed her face with a mask of molten brass so no one could again look upon her beauty.

                Anskhellia, naturally, grew distraught, but quickly learned her concealed face could hide her brooding and plotting without giving away any notion of it to her ruling husband, and prayed to the god of brass and violence that Hilver might drop dead.

                To her surprise and relief, the next day, Hilver died mysteriously, leaving bloody, esoteric markings in his bedsheets. Inspired by this sign from the god of brass and violence, she used her newfound position to rally the downtrodden of Irelorth in the image of her god, taking her most favoured servants through a realmgate to the Realm of Chaos to repay her chosen deity and further gain its favour.

                Anskhellia was built using a Death Korps of Krieg Rider, as well as parts from the Corvus Cabal, the Masque of Slaanesh, Sigvald, Black Knights and many others. Below is the warscroll I created for her:

Here is Laura’s champion, who you might recognise from the first blog post:

Zosimos the Illuminated

Zosimos the Illuminated is an enigma in the Realm of Chaos—those who follow him know little to be certain about their prophet of transmutation; rumours whisper of an ancient warrior falling from the skies, thrown from a heretical war of an impossibly cosmic scale, ever to await the arrival of a “Crimson Saviour” or “The Cyclopean Apostle”.

                His body is encased in burnished gold armour of dizzying complexity, like quicksilver it constantly shifts and mutates with his body, causing great wounds to appear and meld with the metal, his body growing into an ever more monstrous form.

                Zosimos is always accompanied by his familiar, Ion, who whispers strange truths and unknowable horrors into his master’s ear, in a language only discernible by The Illuminated himself.

                This mysterious traveller seeks the highest of his patron’s gifts: to ascend to the pantheon of Daemonic Princes, and to finally understand the eldritch equations of alchemical creation, to hold the power of the universe in the palm of his hand.

                Zosimos was created by converting a Gal Vorbak with parts from Magnus and various other kits. Below are his rules I made:

                No heroes on campaign would be complete without a landscape to fight over; unfortunately for Anskhellia and Zosimos, the Realm of Chaos is constantly shifting and rearranging itself in an impossible fashion. Here is one of the more stable locations mapped out, as illustrated by the missing, presumed dead, Witch Hunter Varsyn Greatback (well, actually me, but let's not split hairs):

            I hope you guys enjoyed this update—perhaps it’ll give you something to chew on or inspire your own campaigns. Stay tuned for some more updates on our warband creation, as well as the board and terrain we’re working on. I'll have some battle reports soon enough too!

                Thanks for reading.


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